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    HYPNOTHERAPY for KIDS (and TEENS) also known as "HYPNOTHERAPY 4 KIDS".

    Todays children need  guiedance to assist their road ahead .For many kids, therapy is a natural way of life but therapy and guidance instilling positivity and self esteem is usually not offered traditional therapists analize or prescribe medication as it is a time saver and easy fix for behavioral or focal issues.  Adult lives are complicated and not always understood by your child and they live adult lives through their loved ones. Our focus is to help our young clients heal and understand what they are facing by strong interaction, problem solving, and hypnotic deletion which is not capable throug traditional methods. Working with your childs cognitive abilities and hypnosis, they will experience results sooner than long term traditional therapy.  Hypnotherapy 4 Kids and Teens  understand children today are more intellegent but due to adult behavior and social elements. As children live daily experiencing complex situations in and out of the home. Your child's stress is higher than past generations npw add in technology, games and social media, we have perhaps unknowingly created indirect anxiety and negativity to come through their subconscious effecting their thoughts and actions. In most cases a child's inability to understand conflict due to lack of communicative interaction  or consistent time with peers their own age. With this in mind, the child's advantage is to have sessions of therapy  (or coaching) arecieve the ability through HYPNOTHERAOY CENTERS to experience HYPNOTHERAPY 4 KIDS and experience release and learn relaxion through our junior hypnosis modalities allowing their inner pain and their growing pains diminish for a healthier future and wellbeing ahead.  We achieve this by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns, and customizing a  plan for your child. 


    Our  Hypnotherapists are of the highest educated in the field of hypnotherapy in California.  Hypnotherapy Centers and HYPNOTHERAPY 4 KIDS aka HYPNOTHERAPY FOR KIDS ages 6 years and up is a professional practice with afilliated CH.t's who are progressive thinkers, experienced in diverse professional acumen and knowledgably in hypnotic and theurapuetic care. It is not just about listening it is about understanding and resolving to delete the conflict or lack of ability to better the future. It is about the mind body connection in which most have not had the opportunity to understand to realize how vital it is for a healthy balanced frame of mind which leads to good health. Hypnotherapy Centers in Tarzana and Beverly Hills is here to resolve medical , professional, emotional pain and conflict in your life. Hypnotherapy Centers and our child and teen division Hypnotherapy 4 KIDS is located in the same office locations. Our sessions involve talk therapy mixed with advisory and strong hypnotic and NLP  services built for your needs VIEW OUR PAGE LISTING OUR SPECIALTY HYPNOSIS AND PROGRAM GUIDE.  We offer sessions and programs in person and SKYPE appointments for individuals  not able to commute, busy professionals and international residents seeking  our services. Please sign up for Hypnotherapy Centers and Hypnotherapy for Kids newsletters and monthly seminars, and educational classes for all ages and subject matters.


    Our director has made a strong effort as for over 25 years through mentoring and life coaching teens and young adults within confidence, academia, professional  and  therapeutic counseling it is known due to how our older generations live lifestyles the younger  generation experiences loses in skills in social and communication as lifestyle will vary due to the demands which takes elders away from family and the younger experience social isolation in most of lives in the generation X and Y guiedance and coaching is imperative and through NLP we offer our clients a relevant and current way of learning to resolve stress, issues, pain and communication skill conflict in cultural community, family, relationships and in personal and professional  enviorments.   Along with our personalized hypnosis programs and sessions, we offer students academia hypnosis to assist in  stress reduction and hypnotic approach for positive study and test  results whch improves your educational  and even professional experience.  We promise to be there for you every step of your journey. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life but wellness starts now for a healthier future leading to excellence. 

    HYPNOTHERAPY CENTERS clients of all agents including the young at heart,

    life after 60 & hypnotherapy centers

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    Hypnotherapy Centers and Hypnotherapy for Kids and Teens list of issues and symptoms treatable .

    A short list of issues and symptoms research and studies show hypnosis treatment and mindfulness therapy is (highly) effective!  

    ​Abandonment  ADD  Addiction Release   Aggression  Agoraphobia  Anesthesia  Anger  Anxiety  Assertiveness  Assist Healing  Attitude Adjustment  Bed Wetting  Behaviors   Breathing  Cancer Career Success  Change Habits  Child Birth Chronic Pain  Communication  Concentration  Controlling  Cultural Conflict  Cramps  Cravings  Creativity  Cult Disassociation  Death or Loss   Dreams  Eating Behaviors Exam Anxiety  Exercise  Fatigue  Fear of Animals  Fear of Death  Fear of Dentist  Fear of Doctor  Fear of Failure  Fear of Flying  Fear of Heights  Fear of Loss of Control  Fear of School Fear of Success  Fear of Surgery  Fear of Relationships  Fear of Water  Fears  Fertility  Forgiveness  Frustration    Gambling Addiction   Guilt  Hatred  Headaches  Helplessness  Hopelessness  Hypochondria  Hostility  Hypertension  Immune System  Impotency  Improve Health  Improve Sales  Indecision  Inferiority  Inhibition  Insecurity  Insomnia  Irrational  Irrational thoughts  Irritability  Jealousy  Lack of Ambition  Lack of Direction  Lack of Enthusiasm  Lack of Initiative   Lower Blood Pressure   Low Blood Sugar issues  Medication Side Effects  Memory  Mistrust  Moodiness Motivation  Nail Biting  Nausea  Negative Thinking   Negative  Talk  Nightmares  Obsessions Obsessive-Compulsive  Overeating  Overly Critical  Pain Management  Panic Attacks  Passive-Aggressive  Perfectionism  Performance Anxiety  Pessimism  Phobias  Postsurgical  Premature Ejaculation  Prenatal Hypnotherapy  Presurgical  Problem Solving  Procrastination  Professional  Endurance  Professional Acquity  PTSD  Public Speaking  Reach Goals  Rejection  Relationship Enhancement  Relaxation  Resistance  Resistance to Change  Responsibility  Restlessness Sadness  Sabatage Self-Awareness  Self-Blame  Self-Confidence  Self-Control  Self-Criticism  Self-Defeating Behaviors  Self-Esteem  Self-Expression  Self-Forgiveness  Self-Hypnosis  Self-Image  Self-Mastery  Sexual Problems and Intimacy  Shame  Skin Problems  Sleep Disorders  Smoking Cessation  Social Phobia  Sports Injury  Sports Endurance  Stage Fright  Stress  Study Habits  Stuttering  Stubborn  Substance Abuse  Superiority  Surgical Recovery  Tardiness  Temptation  Teen Growing Pains  Teenage Crisis  Thumb Sucking  Tics  Tinnitus  Trauma  Ulcers  Vaping  Victimization  Weight Loss  Worry  Writers Block


    When you or a loved one is going through illness we all can agree  it is the most important time in life for the mind and body connection to be balanced.  Empathy, care and compassion is conveyed.  Positive environment and focus on mental distressing, keeping moral, confidence and spirit high will assist in comfort during this time of discomfort, pain and fight! Research shows, hypnosis can effectively assist cancer and ill men, women and children gain stamina, inner and physical strength and a stronger positive mindset when receiving the benefits of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy focuses on the individuals subconscious mind and clients suggestibility.  Our program is based on personal and specialized mindfulness,  positive hypnotic inductions, various modalities and Imagery which is highly effective . Affirmations which override the negative, pain, and anxiety of the client in the time in need of transgression and healing is implemented strongly through both talk therapy and hypnosis session of the client. With our  program we offer in-house, SKYPE and personal appointments to assist the well being of our client.  


    Today's society is filled with reasons why confidence and esteem tanks!  As we get buried in our own stuff or by other's, our mindset changes and multiple other symptoms are created which leads to long term goals and aspirations not met. We can assist you in understanding your current self, confusions and how to properly resolve so you can bring the best out of yourself. By using law or reverse repetition, NIP, and methods involving the law of attraction-to name a few. You can achieve high again. Importantly, you can achieve the control over yourself and excel in confidence and mastery in your personal and professional relationships and within yourself.  

    Confidentiality will be granted for our clients. Our hypnotherapists work within the professions of legal, medical, entertainment. media, sports. and independent entrepreneurs.  Local and international cultural community conflict and LGBT and gender identity programs and sessions are offered . 


    Hypnotherapy for the professional athlete or amateur in sports will mst clig fo

    Sports and athletes are hand in hand however, when conflict arises one person can be responsible for the outcome as a team player or one on one with himself. The momentum of athleticism is very strong. Sports is a high intensity fuse on ones mind, body and  spirit. To explain simply, the athlete as more experienced or professional has the ability to fool his/her mind with structure and blocking. It is a roller coaster of emotion and Adrenalin. The natural athlete or sports enthusiast becomes internal and has to re-focus strengths and weakness. With our program we assist our athlete clients with productive and correct self mastery through release and therapeutic exercises NLP and hypnotic modalities. and also channeling injury on a healthy level.

    The most common sports injuries are


    Hypnotherapy Centers assists parents with pre-birth, birthing hypnosis and stress reduction therapy,


    Our Therapy

    Stress, Depression, Anxiety & Fears

    Stress, anxiety, depression, fear, and fears are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through Hypnotherapy Centers counseling and  hypnosis sessions, we can assist you to recover motivation, perspective, joy and control over your own life that you once had instead of the issue controlling your future. As we get older the complexities that may have come from childhood if not later years in life can change the way we think, handle social and professional interaction and outcome. More importantly it can create strong damage which effects our life and relationships and our health.  We hope you can trust us and call us for your free consultation and book your appointment to your road to recovery and a positive lifestyle (310) 844-1024 


    Hypnotherapy Centers Los Angeles & Ventura CA children & adults with PTSD, MI, ACD and Trauma injury

    Trauma & PTSD ACD and MI

    Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger post traumatic events. We can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing. 



    Relationship counseling can be beneficial to couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection, in all stages of their relationship. Therapy sessions are held with both couples and is a supportive place to discuss issues and solutions to better strengthen your relationship.